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Hollowell Patent Group is an extensive network of highly experienced attorneys working with a deep bench of both domestic and international subject matter experts led by Dr. Kelly Hollowell, PhD, JD.  Dr. Hollowell, a veteran patent attorney for over 20 years’, forged her experience building highly successful IP practices and platforms for multiple firms across the United States.

Dr. Kelly Hollowell, PhD, JD

Before launching Hollowell Patent Group, Dr. Hollowell was Chair of the IP Group at Greenspoon Marder, an AMlaw 200 law firm.  At GM, Dr. Hollowell helped not only build an IP platform for the firm’s 24 offices, but also helped launch two IP-centric offices for the firm located in Nashville, Tennessee and San Diego, California.  Before being recruited to GM, Dr. Hollowell helped launch an IPR practice for the already well-established IP platform of Stites & Harbison. And before that, Dr. Hollowell was recruited from her position as a partner at Williams Mullen, another AMlaw 200 firm, to build a patent platform inside the silk-stocking law firm of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, headquartered in Nashville, TN.

To accomplish these goals, Dr. Hollowell used a formula of networking with IP attorneys, engineers and bench scientists, across the nation and the world for immediate access to the high-level resources for any project on an “as needed” basis.  This novel approach and strategy eliminated the traditional high-cost and up-front investment associated with hiring attorneys full time. This strategy also eliminated the burdensome cost of recruiting and hiring an all-at-once fleet of patent specialists in each of the five major subject areas of patent law: mechanical, electrical, chemical, software & biotechnology.  Finally, this approach eliminated the cost of hiring patent associates that often resulted in double billing; as senior attorneys conduct review of associate level work product and provide training to these newer attorneys. As most clients know, these costs are traditionally passed to them through high, inflexible corporate rate structures, billable hour quotas, never-ending annual rate increases and time-keeping reports that record every 2-minute email and phone call made by and between the attorney and client.


Consistent with her reputation and history of success, Dr. Hollowell now brings her experience and this novel approach to her own Hollowell Patent Group.  At Hollowell Patent Group, Dr. Hollowell uses her vast network of attorneys and scientists to source work quickly and efficiently. Each of the attorneys at Hollowell Patent Group has extensive experience and is familiar with complex technologies and an active workload.  Because Dr. Hollowell also built the back of the house for at least two of her previous firms, Hollowell Patent Group also uses the most cost efficient, state of the art legal software, docketing, and billing platform for seamless service to our clients worldwide.  Hollowell Patent Group also takes advantage of at least two unique features of IP law: 1) Registered Patent attorneys are licensed to practice in every state; and 2) most IP is filed electronically both domestically and internationally. So, all of the attorneys, engineers, scientists and staff at Hollowell Patent Group are networked remotely, leaving the need for traditional brick and mortar facilities along with their often-exorbitant overhead in the distant past.


That said, Hollowell Patent Group is not just a virtual firm. Dr. Hollowell understands the value of and need for personal service.  All Hollowell Patent Group attorneys routinely visit their clients in-person, often at no cost to the client. Additionally, there are no billable hour quotas or charges for routine phone calls and updates.  In addition, low overhead means there is no need for over-pricing our attorneys. At HPG we offer flat fees and a single balanced rate for all attorneys. Our goal is high quality service at reasonable rates that allow our attorneys to enjoy their work and relationship with our clients.


Come experience the difference of liking your attorney and their work product without the sticker shock of exorbitant monthly legal fees.  You’ll like what you see. Call or email us now. All initial consults are free.

"Dr. Kelly Hollowell is one of the best patent attorneys with whom we’ve had the opportunity to work.  She has been exceptional in providing patent prosecution services for our clients. We are delighted to work with and recommend Hollowell Patent Group and Dr. Hollowell."

Piyush Gupta, CEO, Wissen Research

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