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Consulting & Testifying Expert
"Working with Dr. Hollowell and Hollowell Patent Group has been a great experience.  Their expertise has been instrumental in developing and protecting our IP portfolio.  They’ve assisted our organization in obtaining several global patents in a new and challenging area of technology.  Two thumbs up."
Paul Ketchell, CEO, MDSave Inc.

PhD Training & Thesis Work:  As a scientist, Dr. Hollowell is a veteran patent attorney and a gifted public speaker with in-depth training in molecular and cellular pharmacology.  Her thesis work was focused on the uses, effects, modes of action of and delivery systems for endorphins, medications and drugs.


PhD Dissertation: Her dissertation work focused on the identification and cloning of “A Receptor-Type Tyrosine Phosphatase Selectively Expressed by Developing Neurons” Journal of Neurobiology, October 1996. Receptor-type tyrosine phosphatases are implicated in a variety of cancers. 

Dr. Kelly Hollowell, PhD, JD

Forensic Scientist: Dr. Hollowell was also one of the first PhD's with subject matter proficiency in DNA cloning technology to work as a Forensic Scientist for the Crime Lab of Miami led by the Medical Examiner’s Office in conjunction with the Department of Pathology at the University of Miami.


Biotechnology Professor & Consultant: Dr. Hollowell worked as an adjunct professor of law in the areas of biotechnology and bioethics from 2000-2006 at T.C. Williams School of Law, Univ. of Richmond, Richmond, VA; Regent Univ. School of Law, Virginia Beach, VA; Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, VA.


Stem Cell Research Expert: Dr. Hollowell was appointed by the General Assembly to the Joint Subcommittee Studying Stem Cell Research and Medical Ethics for the Virginia General Assembly, for three consecutive one-year appointments 2005-2007.  The committee studied, debated and interviewed industry experts, Nobel prize winners and academics from across the entire spectrum of opinions. Remarkably, they arrived at a unanimous recommendation to the General Assembly about taxpayer investment and support for this technology.


Subject Matter Proficiencies:

  • Medical Devices

  • Molecular Biology

  • Renewable Energy Systems 

  • DNA Technology 

  • Pharmacology

  • Cloning

  • Drug Delivery Systems 

  • Stem Cell Research Technology 


Litigation Experience: For over two decades, Dr. Hollowell has provided litigation support and defense of client IP including drafting petitions, deposition prep and cross, preparing responses, opinions, proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law under 28 U.S.C. § 1498(a); Appearing before the United States of Federal Claims and participating in 14 IPRs before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board: 9 settled, 5 Final Written Decisions with 5 winning decisions; 2 went to Appeal before CAFC.


Sample IPR Experience using Experts:



Testifying Expert: Dr. Hollowell has participated in litigation throughout her career as an attorney, recruiting and preparing experts for testifying and depositions.  As an experienced patent attorney, Dr. Hollowell is now looking to leverage this experience as a testifying expert.


Public Speaking: Dr. Hollowell has extensive experience as a guest lecturer at universities and colleges providing scientific, legislative and public policy information on biotechnology and the law. 



  • White Paper: Adult Stem Cell Collection and Storage from Peripheral Blood To Treat Individual Medical Needs In The Event Of Nuclear Terror Radiation Exposure; The study was used to launch a new business, 2004.

  • Defining a Person under the Fourteenth Amendment:  A Constitutional and Scientifically Based Analysis, Regent University Law Rev. Vol. 14, 2002.

  • Cloning:  Exposing Flaws in the Preembryo-Embryo Distinction and Redefining when Life Begins, Regent University Law Rev. Vol. 11, 1998.

  • CRYP-2:  A Receptor-Type Tyrosine Phosphatase selectively expressed by Developing Neurons, Journal of Neurobiology, co-authored with John L. Bixby, Oct.1996.


Legislative Writing:

  • Testimony provided to the Virginia State Subcommittee on Virginia Senate Bill 1194: “Christopher Reeve Stem Cell Research Fund,” February 2005; 

  • Virginia House Bill 1414 “Distribution of Emergency Contraceptives on the Campuses of Publicly Funded Colleges and Universities,” Delegate Robert Marshall, State Representative 13th District of Virginia, 2003; 

  • “Human Genetic Engineering” Revised Statutes of Missouri Chapter 565.314 Section A, Congressman Michael J. Reid, State Representative 78th District of Missouri, 2002; 

  • “The Fetal Tissue Research Accountability Act of 2001” Section 498 of the Public Health Service Act (42 USC 289g), United States Senator Robert Smith of New Hampshire, 2001. 

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