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The IP team at Hollowell Patent Group includes highly skilled attorneys with technical degrees and industry experience, with a passion for emerging technologies and their associated applications.  Our team helps inventors and companies move their technology from inception and protection all the way to licensing and defense.

We prosecute domestic and international patents and trademarks all over the world related to a broad range of technologies. Here is a list of services and some of our core subject matter specialties.

List of Services

  • Patent Drafting and Prosecution

  • PCT Practice and International Representation

  • IP Audits and Due Diligence

  • Portfolio Development / Business Strategies

  • Validity, Patentability and Freedom to Operate Searches

  • Non-disclosure Agreements

  • Non-Competes

  • Contracts

  • Licensing

  • Availability Searches

  • Counsel clients on Filing Strategies

  • TM Filing and Prosecution 

  • Track Prosecution and Maintenance Deadlines

  • Infringement Analysis 

  • USPTO Proceedings / IPRS

  • Patent Litigation Support

  • Deposition / Expert Prep and Cross

Protect your Ideas

Protect your Business

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